This is a demo site for ProsePoint, a newspaper content management system.

ProsePoint is a software package that lets you quickly and easily publish your own newspaper or magazine online. You can upload stories, edit stories online, and organise stories into editions, all through the user-friendly and convenient web interface.

ProsePoint aims to have as many commonly used features as possible available and ready to go out of the box. For a new publication, this means no customising or searching around for extra modules. If you find a theme you like, you don't even a web designer. Just install ProsePoint and you're ready to publish!

Best of all, ProsePoint is completely free and open source. This means no lock-in, no royalties, and total freedom to make your newspaper or magazine the best on the web.


  • Newspaper and magazine centric data architecture - Stories can be aggregated into editions, and editions are versions of a publication series.
  • Wysiwyg editing - Seamless integration with the TinyMCE rich text editor.
  • Native management of images - Images are treated as content items, and can be manipulated, resized etc.
  • Native management of media files (ie audio, video) - Coming soon.
  • Social network friendly links - Readers can add or bookmark your stories to social networking sites.
  • Search engine friendly - Intuitive and clean looking web addresses that increase search engine traffic.
  • Compatible with Drupal 6 modules - Access a large established pool of free and open source modules for extra functionality.
  • Free and open source - Licensed under the GPL 2.

For more information, visit the ProsePoint website.