Finlandia ministry update

Finlandia University - Spring 2012
Friday, June 1st, 2012

The past few semesters, I have been praying that God would send Finlandia women who love Him. I’m willing to admit that part of this desire was for selfish reasons. I wanted to have women to grow along side and fellowship with on campus, and God provided me five girls in an unexpected way.

Through a series of mutual friends, three freshmen women contacted me, asking if I would be interested in leading a Bible study at Finlandia. I was bewildered and ecstatic! After meeting with these girls once, I felt an immediate connection, and we started studying Ephesians once a week. The girls also invited their R.A., who joined us each week. Within a few weeks of our study, I received an e-mail from a former classmate who had overheard me mention our Ephesians study at a hockey game, telling me that she was young in her faith, but wanted to learn more. I almost couldn’t believe the way God provided! He sent five girls, desiring Christian fellowship and continued growth in the Lord.

Throughout the semester, we would meet in the Finlandia Cafeteria during dinner hours on Wednesday evenings, spending time catching up with each others lives, praying for each other and our campus, and studying the importance of unity in the church, new life in Christ, and character of God.

As the leader of the Bible study, I loved when one would stop me on campus to tell me how the Lord had provided, or how they got into a spiritual conversation with a classmate or professor. As their friend, I loved spending time with them in general. Whether it was just in passing, or time spent hanging out, these girls encouraged me immensely. They were exactly the blessing that I had desired.

Of our group of six, I am the only one returning to campus in the fall. Two girls graduated, and three are transferring to schools closer to home, in California and Virginia respectively. In our last study, we studied the armor of God, and what it meant for each of them as they move into the next chapter. I am sad to see them leave, but at the same time, I know that this time together has been a wonderful blessing, and that God is going to use them wherever they are. Please keep Hannah, Nicole, Sarah, Josie, Maci and myself in your prayers as we seek the Lord in the next chapters of our lives.